Christmas LED

Christmas LED lights are increasing in popularity due to their energy efficiency and safety ratings. Christmas LEDs are now in pre-lit trees, wreaths, rope lights, battery operated light sets, holiday decorations, candles and more. The great Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is lit using all LED bulbs, saving energy and tax payers money. A one-time investment in LED bulbs guarantees years of payoff. Even the nation's largest mall is now lit entirely with Christmas LED lights for the holiday season.

Christmas LED lights come with as much availability as traditional light and are offered in all colors, including cool white and warm white. Bulb sizes vary from tiny wide angle lights that cast light in every direction to large C9 light bulbs. LED rope lights are now available, as well as LED snowfall tubes, which can be hung from windows or outside to create the appearance of falling snow. Battery operated LED lights and candles require less battery changes and can run for longer periods of time.

Benefits of Christmas LED Lights:

  • LED lights remain cool to the touch
  • LED lights save 80-90% energy
  • Incresed energy savings results in reduced power bills
  • String more lights together
  • LED lights shine brighter and longer
  • Battery LED lights require fewer battery changes
  • Epoxy plastic bulbs are virtually unbreakable
  • Lights never burn out, only dim after expected working hours are exceeded
  • LED lights are extremely versatile

The color cast from Christmas LED light varies, and new colors and bulb shapes are constantly being created. Christmas LED lights originally shined with a much cooler, more contemporary light than incandescent Christmas lights, but today's LED Christmas lights include traditional color hues. A home or business decorated with LED lights will always pop more than one lit with incandescent lights, so choose your colors and enjoy the attention!